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The Detroit Mural Project Catalogs 1,000+ Murals

Being strong advocates of the power public art possesses to transform community aesthetics, spawn community development, and inspire creative place making, we are delighted to share, and support the work from The Detroit Mural Project.

An online catalog that pinpoints more than 1,000 Detroit murals- “One day, I was really feeling it,” said Detroiter Viranel Clerard, grinning. “I went out and shot 300 murals in one day.” The online catalog is searchable by Artist, Year, and District. This site is a must visit:


The Detroit Mural Project, created in 2015, is the largest compilation of murals in Detroit.

Featuring over 1000 murals, each one is posted with its address, artist’s name, and organized by the seven city districts. With input from residents, small businesses, local government, and artists, the Detroit Mural Project aims to expose youth to art & culture, beautify neighborhoods, boost traffic for smaller businesses, and support the city’s growing art community.

To support the Detroit Mural Project please donate here via Square Cash.

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