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Bring Your Special Event, Film or Production to Detroit

List of films set in Detroit:

The City of Detroit has become a popular place for special events and film and productions. Detroit offers beautiful lakefronts, picturesque landscapes and inviting cultural attractions, matched with an urban flare that can make your project exciting and unique.

Film makers will find the State of Michigan’s 42 percent tax incentive makes Michigan and Detroit one of the most attractive locations for film production across the nation.

Our Mission: The City of Detroit aims to assist production and special events producers with the execution and logistical management of their production. Additionally, the office is positioned to assists with obtaining the necessary City of Detroit permits and departmental clearances.

Film Division:

  • Promotes the city as a premier film location

  • Coordinates city services needed for pre-production, production and post-production

  • Provides logistic support and location services

  • Acts as a departmental liaison for production companies seeking to film within the City of Detroit

  • Coordinates with the State of Michigan and Wayne County to ensure that productions are benefiting from the state tax incentive and any other additional incentives

Special Events Division:

  • Coordinates weekly special event management team meetings with department representatives and petitioners, to review and discuss recommendations for special events to City Council

  • Works directly with event coordinators/site managers to coordinate logistics, pre and post production

  • Provides access to departments

  • Resolves any concerns that may arise during the special event permitting process

To contact City of Detroit Film Office please click here.

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